The Internet is the New Poker Table

Jacob, who last year quit his job to devote himself fully to the game. We asked him about his life as a professional poker player and how to actually can

“I played for many years with the idea to put on a life as a professional poker player. Not because I had about a lot of experience at the time. All Began much more likely with a few leisurely rounds of poker with an old friend, where we as to peanuts use played. It made us a lot of fun and then it was more of a reason for us to meet again. When the internet but the way for me, opened to play poker when I want the network to my favorite poker table was.

To be full-time poker player, of course, does not always fun. If you play 10 hours a week, which can be a relaxing hobby. But if you spend in front of the screen playing poker 40 hours or more per week, you might change at some point your high opinion of the game.

It’s not like that makes me play poker no fun anymore – no way! But it is true that at some point you start that game to be regarded as pure work if you expending so much time for it. But I guess times that it is so with most things, right? ” asks if he players who want to transfer, could give any good advice.

“My advice to anyone who wants to start playing professionally, is as follows: Consider carefully whether you are prepared for many years to sit in front of computers or real poker tables, it would be bad, if you find out in a few years only. that there is nothing for you yet. namely Then it would be better to stay a hobby. “


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