Small Stack Strategy

Small stack be going in a tournament often much faster than many players believe. A false call, a big pot that you have lost, a an attached Bluff without success. All these can be reasons that for a very reasonable stack a little rest will. In such a situation it is said to preserve the nerves and not write off the game. This is often very difficult, because the Big Stack is a in most cases under so much pressure that no longer remain many opportunities to act. The question now is: What is one to do? Waiting for a good hand? The advantage of position and schedule a Move? Or would you just wait until one of the blind eats in a tournament?

There are many possibilities with this stack again to the top, or at least bring in a better position. Of course, this may not always succeed. With the right game and of course the matching cards, it is possible. The play itself is a small stack a lot easier compared to the big stack. The small stack has a much smaller range of hands with which he would risk an all-in. With his chips he can his opponent not much frighten and thus increases the likelihood of a call. In addition, the loss of chips is much lower, even if this means withdrawing from the tournament for each player. Difficult decisions will have to be taken more often by a small stack, as this no longer allow his stack and his situation.

Especially with beginners at the poker table, this strategy is often applied. They find it more difficult to make decisions. In an All in no further actions are possible, and this often makes these players life. His opponent is hereby immediately clear that a strong hand could be in play. Also, the risk of chips is manageable for him. The all-in player can not put. He already has everything in the middle, and thus is also clear is how much cost a hand if no other players are found to have more than this all-in player.

The small stack forcing his opponents through his short stack to play with just a few chips by giving them no implied odds. Furthermore, this player can a big stack quite spoil the show at the table. It must be expected that the chips of small stacks are pushed into the center namely also in many situations. A Steal from the button when the small stack sitting in the blinds is thus very difficult. Such moves are crucial test in this situation for the big stack. The big stack can only guess whether the small stack pushes this time or not. This risk will go down just because the small stack his chips let the opponents and this is not to increase again.

In a tournament situation, you can choose just very limited. Each player gets here in most cases the same starting stack and thus the strategy developed with the stack. Does it run well, the big stack not the small stack will play strategy and vice versa just as wrong. In cash game, however, there is the possibility to choose the strategy. Some players love big stack at the table and try to be in control of the other players have. Others, however, only play the small stack strategy and implement also often just with little money at the table. You wait for a very good hand and push with this all they have in the middle. So a player plays according to the Small Stack Strategy, so his moves are restricted to all-in or fold. Actions such as Raise or Call are rather very rarely observed.


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