Poker Tips and Money Management

This article is made ​​for poker players who just supposed to start playing. Why should you spend time reading this? There are alle henceforth excellent books, written by experts. Now, when I played my first 400 hours of online poker, I’ll give you some rådsom books do not mention, and I’ll develop some advice that the books do not describe in adequate detail.
: You have no idea what gigantic ups and downs, you will get experience. This article is meant to strengthen your bankroll a little and maybe help you avoid the worst of the declines.
Some brief tips
For a beginner it is a good idea to practice against a computer program. Train long and hard.
The Rockets have a major impact on the strategy in your game. This article tells you how you should play.
The books will prepare you never at all idiot players you will encounter. There are scores of them, without a sensible strategy.
Books that must be read
Remember to think for yourself! The books for low limit games give you excellent advice, and it will not go far wrong if you blindly follow the advice. But already at an early stage in your studies, you will discover that two excellent books do not follow each other to the letter, but that some disagreements are writers between. Before playing the first time, read Lee Jones’ Winning Low Limit Hold’Em. Are you going to play stud poker read Roy West’s 7 Card Stud – How to Win at the Medium and Low Limits – 42 Lessons. Even if you just tankers play Texas Hold’em, I recommend Wests’ book, because he especially emphasizes the necessity of discipline, bankroll, note their game, and observation of the opponents. Things that you need to hear from an expert and not just from me. You should also read Theory of Poker by David Sklansky sometime during your previous studies. The book makes you aware of how to think in order to become a better player. Another great way to learn and improve their strategy is to visit different poker forums. I am proposing two 2 +2 Publishing forum. Beginners are always welcome to write their questions, and most, even better player, get happy time to answer them.
Fluctuations and demands for Bankroll
As I said before, you have not a clue what big fluctuations in your bankroll you will have. It’s perfectly normal, everyone has them. The game always goes up and down, sometimes for a very long time. When I started playing $ 3-6, I had read several books and played against computer programs. I had a perfectly good strategy from the start. Even so, I lost the full $ 900 in my first 40 hours, it’s 150 big blinds it. I have had daily sessions when I lost over $ 150, but also won over $ 300. I am still very tight, many of my opponents could lose or win $ 500 on a single session.
In Gambling Theory and Other Topics discussing Mason Malmuth what requirements you have on the size of your bankroll at different limits. Roy West does the same for low-limit stud in his book. If you are mathematically interested’ll like Malmuths treatment of the subject, with his method, you can, after a certain gambling, easily calculate how much bankroll you will need. The norm is to have 200 big blinds in your bankroll, then you have 95% chance of never going broke, according Malmuth. If you are not professional and planned to play at the really low levels you can of course start with less. Be just do not be too surprised if you would be penniless. The usual rule applies of course. Do not play with money you can not afford to lose! This can not be repeated often enough. Do not even think about putting yourself at a table to earn some fast buck and be able to pay your bills. The rapid fluctuations and stress can easily do that while this money is lost.
Do not even think about going to the poker game in order to make up some money to pay your bills! The short-term fluctuations are just too great, and the stress on you is overpriced too great.
Games against computers
Once you start playing, it may be a good idea to enlist the help of practicing against a computer. I recommend Turbo Texas Hold’em for Windows by Wilson Software. You can obtain it in most places where poker books sold. Here you need to start thinking for yourself. Turbo Texas Hold’em has many different styles of opponents. You can also change these player profiles or create your own. Do it. Learn the profile definitions and create virtual opponents as much as possible to your real one. However, there are some differences between the real and virtual opponents. One example is that the computer opponents have a tendency to forget that you played very aggressively, eg check-raised or re-raised, while your opponent will remember it clearly for a while.



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