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The website dedicated to poker that provides accurate advice for all variations of poker. On the site you will find a wide area multimedia programs, software, games, images and video. In addition, information on the fantastic game of blackjack or online caribbean stud, the variant of poker in online casinos rapid rise in Italian. Whether you are new to the world of poker or experts looking for that something extra, on planetpoker find what you were looking for.

rules of poker

Software for the calculation of the blinds in Texas Hold’em

Added to site a useful program for automatic calculation of the dark in Texas Hold’em. To read our review and, if necessary, you can download it CLICK HERE

New Article on How to Change the Game in their own style of ‘ Hold’em

Being able to confuse opponents is a key point in the game of poker, especially variants such as the no-limit Texas Holdem. Obviously there are many different ways to deceive opponents… READ MORE

News : Pot Odds Calculator in Download

The Pot Odds Calculator calculates the ratio of the money in the pot and the amount to call to stay in the game. You can read the reviews, look at pictures of this useful software and possibly download it HERE

Play Draw Poker and Seven Card Stud

In the Programs of the website you can find a very simple play on the Draw Poker and Seven Card Stud. To read the review, view pictures and eventually you can download it CLICK HERE

Special Area in the Italian poker

And ‘ ready for a few days our guide on Poker at ‘ Italian. Read the rules, strategies and curiosity about this amazing type of poker HERE

Pokerstove : Odds Calculator for Online Poker

Added a new site in professional computer for those who play in the Poker Room. You can read the review and possibly download it HERE

Texas Hold’em Poker Game for PC

Added site in a new game on Texas Hold’em. You can see pictures, read the review and possibly download it HERE

What is poker?

Poker is a card game focused on probability and psychology, not on luck as sometimes we read about. Luck is a component that can be decisive only in a small amount of time.

It is therefore a game in which the player’s ability, long-term, is more relevant element aleatory.

In this game players are betting, betting money in the pot, the combinations of cards held by them and in the end who has the best combination wins (almost always, as there are some exceptions that make the game of poker even more beautiful in as you will never have the mathematical certainty of victory).

Since the beginning of the 90s opened the opportunity for players to play Poker on the Internet in online casinos, poker rooms that is connecting to organize and sitting at the virtual tables in which you play against other people online from your computer household. Thanks to this system the game of online poker has grown exponentially and is now the main way in which it is practiced worldwide, thanks to the free online poker rooms that promote the learning of rules and strategies for the less experienced.


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