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You have yourself a victim of it. You play well, you’re plus a pick or two on the board in question when you flop a straight. You bet straight into the preflop raisen, your opponent calls. The tour could not have helped him. You bet again and he set up. You flash eye on your nuts. River gives him flush and you’re suddenly almost yellow. You sigh deeply, reload and get ready to take back the dough. All of a sudden everything goes wrong. You have the best hand and play well (you think!) But everyone pulling you out and you can not win a pot!
It’s called tilt. You do not play good. You probably play mariginella hands and sets the stack when it is absolutely not necessary. Okay, you are leading, perhaps, but normally you would not set with one fifty-moneylenders in cash game right?
You call with much weaker hands than you usually do and find that the plot dragged a couple that were higher than yours on the turn .
Guess what? It is not only you who encounter this, this happens to everyone.
If you can identify when this happens, other players can earn some pretty big money on it!
In order to be able to identify an opponent on tilt, it is important that you have the attention directed at the game all the time, even when you are in the pot!
Keep track of which players are playing well today, if they are plus or minus and about how much.
When you see someone lose a big pot or lose several pots in a relatively short period, so keep a close eye on him for a while. Every time he’s in a pot so check out how he plays. Try to see if he has started to play differently than he usually does. If you discover that he seems to be on tilt, you can make some extra money!
Particularly difficult is this course when you play 4-5 tables at once online.
A tip for online gaming is to make notes on all players who you see doing anything good or bad.
enter a small note like “usually reraise preflop with drawing hands “or” usually fulsyna with AA. ” If you do this every time you get in the end pretty good notes on quite a few players. Especially if you are consistent and often plays the same limit on the same site.
Now for some thoughts on how to play against a tilted player.
A poker player on tilt tend to
Raise / bet on weaker hands than he normally spends
Call a bet or a raise in worse hands than he usually
Call a bet or a raise on the improbable drawing hands (low flush draw, gutshots)
Bluff more often
With this in mind, you can customize your game. Have you eg a big pair preflop, you can assume that players on tilt may well call a bit stronger than usual. He might even turn on with a lower pair or a decent aces (AT and up). Location to press the dough or turn on again, for sure.
Caught you well, such as top two pairs or a set or something, you just betta. Bring in the right hard. A tilted player can call the right marginal hands.
Be prepared for the scam! It’s not at all unusual for a tilted player bluffs in sheer frustration as he missed his flush or straight-draw. Say you flop tops with decent kicker, but there is a flush draw out there. You bet, he calls. The turn comes a blank in third. You bet, he calls. Now you start the reasonably wonder if maybe he flopped two pair or a set, but the most likely (especially if he is on tilt) is that he is sitting with a drawing hand.
river will blank. Smart here is to check. “Induced sham” as it is called in English.
A tilted player bluffs more often than usual and in sheer frustration pushing off a bit in this mode. You have to have a little hotheaded and eye on their KJ or whatever you hit top pair with.
Some important things to consider
Was varksam when the tilted player is no longer on tilt! Often he stops tilt when he won a larger pot.
Note that the tilted plot CAN get lucky and flop better than you. Just because he is on tilt does not mean that he never flops good. Especially considering that he probably plays right marginal hands that can be difficult to read.
IF he pulls you out with an unlikely crappy hand, make for God’s sake to not tilt itself!
Keep a cool head. One should usually play aggressively against a tilted player and the case of not freaking out just because he reraises your tops on the turn. However, see the above paragraph.
Many times I have earned good money for someone at the table has tilted sharply and lost the entire stack shortly. Not too infrequently to me.



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