There is nothing more exciting in poker, as to turn all his cards and see two faces that look at you. High pairs like BB, DD, KK, AA are the strongest starting hands pre-flop, but if you do not play properly, which can lead to disastrous results. How you play depends not only on the position at the table, but also by the players against whom they play.
Play high pocket pairs pre-flop slow
Slow pre-flop play is a highly risky strategy but also can be very pay off on the other side. For this you must be able to see through your opponents very well. If you play a high pocket pair slow, download player with suited connectors, lower pocket pairs and overcards one, they auszufloppen, ‘(outflop) if you would actually have to fold to a raise pre-flop must.
K ♦ K ♠ you have and you call the blind.
4 players call and the flop comes
A ♣ 10 ♣ J ♣
Now you’re in trouble, because you are an outsider for each / n Ass, flush, flush draw or possibly a set. With four players in the pot is the probability that someone has a ♣, very high.
Pocket Aces can be played slow relaxed before the flop, because there is no possibility of becoming outgefloppt of an over card. But if the flop comes, you have to be on the alert for possible draws.
High pocket pairs under the ace should always get raised before the flop. It is important not to over-beds here and to push each of his hand, but discard the Ax and suited connectors. If the default is 3 times raised, the big blind do that. However, there are always exceptions, the position at the table can be an exception.
Play high pocket pairs in early position
Pocket Aces can be played in early position, slow or aggressive, if the flop is not the same color, you will still be 90% of the time forward. KK, DD, BB should get raised pre-flop to the beds after the flop to have still not under control. With an ace on the flop, it will be easier to represent an Ace in your hand, by making a strong following bet.
Play high pocket pairs in middle / late position
Now you can play relaxed high pocket pairs under Assen. By seeing how your opponents bet, you get a better idea of ​​whether they have an over-card, or are on a draw off, and you can raise accordingly.
Play high pocket pairs on the flop
If you play your high pocket pair, not slow, there should only be one or two players to the flop. Before you act, you need to analyze the cards and the player:
- Play your opponents aggressive or tight?
- Would your opponents call a raise with an ace and a weak kicker?
- Have potential draws on the table?
- How many outs you have, if your opponent dominated?
The best place to learn about the other players and where you stand yourself out by making a Fishing Bet. Beds or raise a large amount, somewhere between half and three quarters of the pot. If an ace on the board is and letting your opponent without hesitation, you know that you are beaten. If he hesitates, you can set it to a draw. Depending on whether the turn card gives a possible flush or straight draw, you should go all-in to get the pot in place.
Whether you are slow or aggressive play, the most important thing in high pocket pairs is to know if you you folded. Too often, players are pot-committed after they have a raise with pocket kings or aces and do not notice when they are beaten. Remember, though, that Texas Hold’em Poker is a 5 card game and pocket pairs, no matter how strong they are, standing on the scale of the hand rankings at the bottom.


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