The blinds to steal basically means to win the pot before the flop. Before we go deeper, however, it is important to have something important to say regarding cash games and tournaments. Stealing blinds in a cash game is not nearly as important and difficult as in a poker tournament . In a tournament game, the chips have more value, because if you retire again, you are out of the tournament outside while you are in a cash game can go shopping again. For this reason, this article focuses on the blind stealing in the context of a tournament.
Early phases
It is not recommended during the initial stages of a tournament steal blinds. The blinds are still at a low level, and the risk is not worth it. But if you are so obstinate, and even steal at this level blinds and need to expand a projection on Cjhips, keep in mind that your raise only a small percentage of chips you get called most of the time makes.
Mean phases
Now also increases the blinds and it pays even more so from stealing them. When it comes to winning, players will be reserved, and it will be easier to steal the blinds with a small raise. Now there will be at each table a chip leader and a short stack. Do not try the blinds to steal the chip leader unless you are willing to go all-in, because the chip leader will want to defend his blind. The short stack, however, is in a Double-Up or Go Bust mode, and he’s looking for an opportunity to go all-in. If you want to steal his blinds, then make sure you have a strong hand.
Late phases
Here the field is divided into two kinds of players: aggressive and tight. The tight player will play ultra-conservative and in all that is lower than JJ, fold. They are only interested in climb higher in the prize pool and it’s ok for you to be blinded. The aggressive players are the ones with the big stacks and are keen to take the blinds that do not want to play the tight player. If you are one of those at the table with a small stack and want to steal blinds, you must be willing to go all-in, because everything would be among them for the larger stacks mean you to call all-in. If you are the chip leader by simply putting two cards in any position to steal the blinds. However, it is important not to make this every hand, because in the end someone would a pair of cowboys or Pocket Rockets pick up and go all-in.
Steal in position
Depending on the caliber of the players and the position from which you raise will be different to the table. Against beginners, it is always best to steal the blinds from late position. When it’s your turn and the pot has not yet been increased, the reason is that none of the players has a premium hand and we fold if someone raises.
Against more experienced players, you must be a little creative in order to steal the blinds, because they are automatically expect that you try in late position to steal the blinds. Instead, it is appropriate here, the blinds to steal in an early position since that is less predictable.
It is important to remember not to get caught in a ‘Stehlversuch’. If a player sees through you and go along with your raise, then you resist the temptation to try it again on the flop. You will only lose a lot of chips and eventually drop out of the tournament.


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