Djens Poker Guide

Hello and welcome to this Texas Hold’em poker guide. This tutorial will take up all the essentials and then some that you need to learn to play both Fixed Limit and No Limit Texas Hold ‘em. Some of the tips and advice, for example, network compatible and comes from experience, so you will not be able to find them in any book or anywhere else on the Internet.
I will start with a number of key concepts that are a must for every player to be able, after that, I will go through the differences between NL (No Limit) and FL (fixed limit) and then get into more practical things like starting hands , read the game as well as a guide to tournament play.
A little short guide that will help you understand the wizard and enter the poker terms faster forth below, this is good to memorize!
T = card ten.
J = a knave.
Q = a lady.
K = a king.
A = an ace.
Flop = the first three cards to the public.
Tournament = fourth card.
river = last card.
key = best position on the table to act last all rounds except the first.
CO = position before the button, the next best thing.
UTG = person sitting by blinds and must act first.
Blinds = the money that the two players after the button has to lay out each hand.
fact that betta = to bet, from the English word “Beth.”
Stack = your pile of money, that you can bet.
Tight = poker slang for that player only plays few pots and good cards.
Redeem = to play many hands and with sometimes mediocre cards.
BB = big blind, then the big blind.
= XX’s two short X & X in the same color, eg TJs. S, is usually pronounced “suited” for the English suit (color), similarly does xxo tvåkort not in color, “offsuit”.
Cappa = VNR maximum number of increases in FL is used, usually four tusks of each player.
Shorthanded ( SH) = when it starts to get a few players around the table.
To fold = to put down their hand.
Readings = how you perceive that a player is playing.
ITM = “In The Money”, money place in a tournament.
Bubblan = place in enturnering before it is ITM.
Gula = when you lost all the money they invested in poker.
Before you start playing
What I will say now you have probably heard hundreds of times, but can never be said enough times. Never play when you are angry, sad, annoyed, stressed or similar, only bad things can come out of it. Play only when you really feel the urge to play or when you’re happy and positive, and think you have a chance to win some money.
Record not on an empty stomach or when you are tired, a walk to clear my head and a lågglykemisk meal half an hour before to keep the brain on top is a very good way to success.



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