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The most popular poker variants played online

Poker is without a doubt the most popular card game in human history. It is played by millions of people in virtually all parts of the planet, either in real life or online, in families or communities, or in organized poker rooms or internet poker establishments. Some don't even consider it a game anymore, but rather a sport similar to chess. It has international championships and poker games are routinely covered by a great variety of TV stations as well. With such an age, poker has many variants that share a common set of basic rules, but are played with a different number of cards, a different number of betting rounds, sometimes against each other, other times against the house. Here are those variants that are played the most.

1. Texas Hold'em

There is no poker room without it - Texas Hold'em is the most played poker variant, both online and in real life. No wonder - it is a highly entertaining game, and it has the potential to gather considerable pots which are worth playing for. In real life Texas Hold'em player can use their people reading skills and strategical thinking to overcome their competitors, while online all they are left with is their strategy. Even so there are millions of people playing Hold'em online, too.

A no-limit game of Texas Hold'em is the main event of the world's largest poker championship, the World Series of Poker. Hold'em games are usually transmitted via TV as well. It is, undoubtedly, the most popular form of poker ever invented.

2. Video poker

This might come as a surprise - especially for those who don't even consider video poker to be a poker variant - but Video poker in its many forms is among the most popular poker games played in the world. Video poker is available online in a series of internet casinos, and you can find machines in the parlors of every land based casino, as well as in a series of game clubs, pubs and cafes. It is considered one of the most profitable online casino games of the world, too - its house advantage is low, and players have an almost 50% chance to win a hand against the house. This is one of the things that makes Video poker a popular choice for so many players online. You can play video poker at redflushcasino.com, or basically any online casino you can think of.

3. Lowball poker

This is not a poker variant in itself, but a version of any other poker game, where the goal is not to have the strongest possible hand. On the contrary - in lowball poker games the goal is to have the weakest hand to win. This might come as a surprise, but lowball poker is available in any poker room, no matter if it's land based or online - it adds a spin to a usual poker game, making it a welcome addition to any poker establishment.


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